Global Data Barometer – Dissemination

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Project Title: Global Data Barometer – Dissemination
Donor Organization: Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA)
Total Budget: $ 4,000
Duration of the Project: March, 30-December 31, 2022


Project Summary


The project aims to actively promote and disseminate the results of the Global Data Barometer (GDB) first edition. GDB's goal is to provide a critical new benchmark on country-level data governance, data capability, data availability, and data use for the public good. The regional hub will organise and plan to disseminate the results within its region.


Key activities & milestones


May, 2022: Design of audiovisual and communications material surrounding the key trends and findings of GDB results for the region in English, Georgian and Russian.


June, 2022: Regional conference/presentation to discuss the results of the Global Data Barometer based on thematic modules and prominent challenges relevant for Eurasia. Potential panelists will include GOB researchers from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.


July- December, 2022: Further dissemination and engagement with mobilized stakeholders.



Activities Carried Out Withing the Project