Georgian Election Campaign Funds 2010

News 28 June 2010

Georgian Election Campaign Funds 2010 Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 15 Jun.'10 Election campaign of those five parties, which have cleared 5% electoral threshold in the May 30 local elections, was worth of up to GEL 16 million, almost 90% of which is the ruling National Movement's share, according to the campaign financial record submitted by the parties to the Central Election Commission.

Campaign cost of Alliance for Georgia, whose leader Irakli Alasania came second with 19% of votes in the Tbilisi mayoral race after the incumbent Gigi Ugulava, was GEL 136,600 - less than other four parties have spent.

According to the law, a party can raise no more than GEL 30,000 from a single individual and no more than GEL 100,000 from a single company. The financial records include a list of individuals and companies which contributed to the fund.

Parties' campaign expenses include not only the sum spent as a result of donations from contributors, but also market price of non-monetary contributions made by donors in various forms, like providing office space or publishing campaign banners and flayers for free. Full article:

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