Georgian Citizens detained by Russian Occupational Armed Forces

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications | Analysis 26 June 2013
IDFI has received official information from the Ministry of Interior of Georgia, about the Georgian citizens detained by Occupational Army of the Russian Federation for crossing the occupation line. As we learn from the received document, a total of 1110 Georgian citizens have been illegally detained by the occupational forces in the period between 2009 – June 2013. 474 of them have been detained at Tskhinvali occupational line, and 636 – near Abkhazia. 
The most people have been detained by Russian occupational forces for crossing occupational line near Abkhazia – 190 persons in 2012. However, it should also be noted, that detention of Georgian citizens has become more frequent in 2013, since already 177 people have been detained to this day. 
In Tskhinvali region there is similar situation in terms of illegal detention of Georgian citizens by Russian occupational forces for crossing occupational line. There are already 80 Georgian citizens detained in 2013 (January – June). The highest number of citizens was detained in 2011 – 135 people.
As the statistical data given above show, the facts of illegal detention of Georgia citizens by the occupational forces of the Russian Federation still continue intensively near the so called administrative borders of both Abkhazia and Samachablo.  
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