Statistics of Financial Crime 2004-2014 (part 2)

News | Research | Article 20 May 2014

In April 2014 IDFI wrote about financial crime statistics for 2004-2014. On April 16th, 2014 the Institute requested additional information from the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance about the cases of bribery, misuse of power and misappropriation or embezzlement for 2004-2014, with indication of positions, departments and regions. In response to the request IDFI received incomplete information from the Investigative Service. In particular, the positions in the cases of bribery and abuse of power are not indicated, and information about regions in cases of misappropriation and embezzlement is not given. According to the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance provision of the information in the regional context has become impossible due to numerous changes that the structure of subdivisions of investigation departments has undergone since 2004.

As we learn from the received information, in the period between 16 April 2004 and 15 March 2014 investigation of bribery began in 171 cases, while criminal proceedings have begun for 201 persons.



As the table given above shows, over 9 years, most of the facts of bribery have been revealed in the local self-government, while the least – only two – in Public Registry.


From the central government the cases of bribery have occurred in five Ministries, the most cases (11 in total) were in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, while the fewest cases – only 3 – happened in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. Over the years there were a total of 15 cases in the private sector. If we compare by years, the most cases that happened in a single year was 62 in 2010, while in 2007 only one case was identified.



Investigation of cases of abuse of power began on 124 facts from 2005 to 2013, and criminal proceedings were initiated for 113 persons.



In this case, most of the violations were discovered in the private sector, and there were single cases in the local self-government and Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs there was one case in each. The number of violations over the years varies, with the most cases in 2006 and the least – in 2013. 


Interesting dynamics can be observed by years and structural organizations. 19 cases out of total 23 initiated in 2006 happened in the private sector. In 2012-2013 pursuit for the abovementioned violations started only in the private sector.



In the period between March 15, 2014 and April 16, 2014 investigation has started for 2 145 cases of appropriation or embezzlement of public funds. As it can be seen from the diagram, the number of violations has increased dramatically over the period in 2004-2006 and reached its peak in 2006 when 383 cases were identified. Starting from 2007 the number of cases has halved and by 2012 approximately 150 cases were pursued a year. As compared to the previous five years, investigation of more cases – 219 in total – started in 2013.


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