Georgian Civil Society National Platform for the Eastern Partnership

Coalition Activity 5 August 2014

The European Commission initiated the establishment of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. CSF consists of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, EU and worldwide.

CSF has the objectives to promote the development of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), cooperation among them, their dialogue with public authorities and the achievement of Eastern Partnership goals in the six partner countries.

The four thematic platforms have been set up as guidelines for CSF activities:

1. Democracy, good governance and stability
2. Economic integration and convergence with EU policies
3. Energy security, climate change and environment protection
4. Contacts between people

There are national level platforms in each member countries in order to promote CSF coordination.

Georgian NP aims at:

1) Supporting the implementation of EaP thematic platforms and flagship initiatives;
2) Representing the interests of the Georgian civil society at the CSF and facilitating the work of the latter.

Georgian NP carries out the following activities:

1. Creating 4 working groups in line with 4 thematic platforms and, if necessary, creation of sub-groups;
2. Fostering awareness-raising about EaP;
3. Discussing implementation of thematic platforms and flagship initiatives in Georgia;
4. Making the outcome of discussion available to the public;
5. Submitting the recommendations/opinions to the European Commission;
6. Cooperating with Georgian public authorities;
7. Supporting proper implementation of the CSF recommendations in Georgia;
8. Cooperating with the European Commission and the national EU delegation;
9. Cooperating with NPs of the other EaP countries;
10. Making decisions about membership in the NP;
11. Cooperating with the European, international and third-country CSOs participating in the CSF;
12. Cooperating with the CSF Steering Committee;
13. Elaborating proposals for the following CSF agenda;
14. Giving recommendation to the CSF about a candidate to be elected as a National Coordinator;
15. Assisting the National Coordinator in the pre-selection of CSOs willing to participate in the CSF.


Activities Carried Out Within the Coalition