Discussion of IDFI and DVV International on “Generation 1989”

News | Memory and Disinformation Studies | Publications | Article 22 November 2013

On November 11, office of dvv International hosted the discussion “Generation 1989”. The meeting was a joint endeavor of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and dvv International.
The discussion aimed at enhancing the public interest towards this issue and supporting the start of analysis of the events taking place back then. 
Speakers of the discussion were film critic Gogi Gvakharia and Philologist, member of New Rights party Pikria Chikhradze. The historian Davit Jishkariani moderated the meeting. Based on personal experience, speakers talked about the difference between the 1989 and new generations and in general, evaluated the 80s almost 25 years later. Based on the questions from the audience, speakers also talked about Stalinism, concerned the issue of conformism, evaluated the new generation and their activities, considering their own experience, gave several recommendations to the youth and recalled interesting stories from the Soviet Georgia. 
Discussion was organized within the frames of the project “Past Heritage of the New State” with the financial support of dvv international.
Watch the video: (part 1) and (part 2)
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