Disciplinary Liability in Civil Service

News | International Case Law | National Case Law 12 July 2013
A civil servant is accountable to the state and the society in the process of activities carries out in civil service. Accordingly, not carrying out the duties prescribed by law or carrying out unduly might become the cause of disciplinary action against him.
The purpose of the article is the comparative-legal analysis of the regulation of disciplinary liability of civil servants based on Georgian legislation and international practice. The article discusses the regulatory norms associated with disciplinary liabilities in Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Canada and Georgia.
The comparative-lehal analysis of the disciplinary liability of civil servants contains the following topics: the main principles governing disciplinary liability, kinds of disciplinary transgression and forms of disciplinary action, procedure of disciplinary proceedings and the constrictions of the authority of the person/body making the final decision, also the mechanism of appealing against the decision of disciplinary liability.

Based on international practice, the article presents recommendations with the purpose of improving the regulation of disciplinary liability of civil servants in Georgia.

The article was prepared within the framerks of the 2013 Human Rights Internship Grant of the Open Society Fund (OSF).
 IDFI is responsible for the opinions stated in the article and they might not coincide with the opinions of the Open Society Fund.
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