Competition “Innovation and Technologies for Strengthening Public Involvement”

News 30 October 2015

A strong state relies on a strong society, on conscientious citizens, who want to and are capable of solving problems alone or with like-minded peers with minimal participation of the government, understanding that individuals bare as much responsibility as the government does. Tbilisi flood of June 13th, was a perfect illustration of how citizens could benevolently unite to help the government to fulfill its duties.


Internet and innovation technologies are powerful tools to improve the quality of life. Most of us own smartphones, gadgets, have access to internet and actively use them in our daily lives. In order to utilize the advantages of innovation technologies for public good, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, in cooperation with ltd. Devel, announces a competition “Innovation and Technologies for Strengthening Public Involvement”. Call for applicants, who wish to contribute to strengthening civil society and have ideas how innovation technologies can be used to:

  • Help the society improve the quality of life and enhance sense of responsibility of its individual members;
  • Help our government to better fulfill its duties.


The application should include:

  • Detailed description of the idea;
  • The public good it serves;
  • The tools for implementation;
  • What minimal assistance is needed to implement the project.


The application will be assessed according to feasibility, effectiveness, originality and simplicity.


Three best solutions will be awarded with 1000, 700 and 500 GEL. The authors will be assisted in the implementation process.


Please, send applications on Please indicate Competition “Innovation and Technologies for Strengthening Public Involvement” in the subject line. The deadline for application is November 30, 2015. 


Disclaimer: IDFI shall ensure that third parties have no access to ideas of the author. And the organization fully acknowledges property/copyrights of the participants on the ideas. 

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