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The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) is implementing the project - 'Supporting Involvement of the Parliament of Georgia in Open Government Partnership' with support of the UNDP and the EU. The project aims to increase transparency, openness and citizen engagement in the legislative processes.

Within the project, IDFI is announcing a competition for the students, who are interested in the work of the Parliament.

To participate in the competition, students need to send their CV at since the candidates for the interview will be selected based on the submitted documents. After the interview, students will be selected to participate in the competition.

Open Parliament - Voice of Youth is a two day competition: On day 1, a training will take place in the office of the IDFI.

Topics discussed at the training will be:

• Mission and Goal of the Open Government Partnership,
• Importance of civic engagement in the legislative processes,
The Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan.

On the second day of the training participants will visit the Parliament of Georgia. During the visit, students will:

• Get aware with the structure and role of the legislative body,
• Obtain the information about the functions of the committees,
• Get aware with the procedures of passing the law,
• In addition, participants will be able to meet the members of the Inter-Factional Group and the representatives of the Staff of the Parliament.

Within the week from visiting the Parliament, participants of the competition will have an opportunity to present their initiatives to the IDFI on Parliamentary Openness.

The author of the best initiative will be awarded by the Kindle. Every participant will receive a certificate and various gifts.

Moreover, the best participants of the competition will be involved in the Working Group which is composed of representatives of International and Non-Governmental Organizations. The aim of student engagement in the Working Group is to raise public awareness and increase civic engagement in the process of elaboration of the Open Parliament Action Plan and its implementation.

To participate in the competition, please send your CV at before October 13. Do not forget to indicate 'Open Parliament - Voice of Youth' in the subject line of the e-mail.

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