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News | Publications | Article 18 August 2015


The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), in cooperation with Bremen University and with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, is implementing the project "Strategic Plan Georgia 2020 – Strengthening Public Involvement (ZigB)". The aim of the project is to promote discussions about the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Georgia “Georgia 2020”, to raise public awareness and to facilitate discussions about the goals of the strategy. 


IDFI calls for analysts to participate in an analytical competition. Participants will write articles, blogs and analytical pieces on topics of their preference discussed in the strategy "Georgia 2020". Contestants will also contribute to the concluding report published at the end of the project.


Topics discussed:

• Exchange Rate of National Currency

• Economic Growth

• Universal Healthcare Reform

• Reform of Educational System and the Development of Human Resources

• Innovations and Technologies

• Pension Reform

• Public Administration Reform

• Financial Institutions and the Development of Capital Markets in Georgia

• The Model of Capitalism in Georgia


The works of the participants will be uploaded on an analytical blog created for the competition. The blog will enable the contestants to publish their works and to reach out to the wider audience.


Four participants receiving the stipend 1000 GEL (gross) over the four months period will be announced after the first stage of the competition. The winner of the competition, receiving 4000 GEL (gross), will be announced after the second stage of the competition.


Those interested in applying for the contest should send a CV and an essay (up to 500 words) about the topics of their preference discussed in the strategy "Georgia 2020". In the essay, applicant should justify the importance and the significance of the topic.


Applicants selected for the second phase of the application process will be invited for the interview in the IDFI office on 19th or 20th of September.


After the interview, participants selected for the competition will be given the first task and will participate in a three-day workshop (Sept.25 - Sept.27). During the workshop, contestants will attend lectures and discussions and will work on an analytical piece on the topic of their choice from the strategic document "Georgia 2020". The recipients of the stipend will be announced after the workshop.


During the second phase of the competition, participants will present eight analytical pieces from October to January. The winner of the competition will be announced in February during the concluding forum.


For the evaluation criteria, please click here.


To apply, please send a CV and an essay, or write to us with questions on


Deadline: September 13, 2015

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