Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia - Georgia's Euro-Atlantic Aspirations Must be Constitutionally Guaranteed

News | Statements 23 January 2017

The Georgian Parliament has launched discussions on amending the Constitution. Non-governmental organizations, including members of the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia, have called the Constitutional Commission to include the country’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations in the preamble of the Constitution.


We believe that the inclusion of Euro-Atlantic aspirations in the Georgian Constitution is essential. This will strengthen the basis for developing a European-style democracy in Georgia and reaffirm its foreign policy priorities. Even though Georgia’s foreign policy has been declared, this is not reflected in the country’s guiding document – the Constitution. Considering the fact that Georgia is constantly facing significant foreign policy challenges, the above change would guarantee that Georgia’s domestic and foreign policies remain on the single correct course.


The Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia suggests the following wording:


“We, the citizens of Georgia, whose firm will is to establish a democratic social order, economic freedom, a rule-of-law and a social state, to secure universally recognized human rights and freedoms, to enhance state independence and peaceful relations with other peoples, drawing inspiration from our country’s European and Euro-Atlantic course, centuries-old traditions of statehood of the Georgian nation and the historical-legal legacy of the Constitution of Georgia of 1921, proclaim the present Constitution before God and the nation.”


We call on the Parliament and the Constitutional Commission to consider our proposal and to make the above change to the Constitution. This will ensure the consistency of Georgia’s strategic foreign policy course.


The Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia is a coalition of 23 organizations that aims to support Georgia’s integration with Euro-Atlantic structures.


Member organizations are:


1. Transparency International Georgia

2. Civil Development Agency

3. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

4. Open Society Georgia Foundation

5. Georgia's Reforms Associates (GRASS)

6. Atlantic Council of Georgia

7. Georgian Farmers Association

8. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

9. The Economic Policy Research Center

10. Green Alternative

11. Georgian Center for Security and Development

12. Media Development Foundation

13. UN Association of Georgia

14. Society and Banks

15. Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

16. Georgian Democracy Initiative

17. Georgian Institute of Politics

18. Regional Centre for Strategic Studies

19. In Depth Reporting and Advocacy Center

20. Voice from Georgia

21. Liberal Academy Tbilisi

22. Union Safari

23. World Experience for Georgia (WEG)

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