The seventh Module of the Educational Certification Program in Fighting Corruption has started

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Article 11 June 2020

Within the scopes of the Certification Program, from June 8, the seventh module of the Program has started which aims to analyze the international practice in Fighting Corruption. In seventh module, the participants will learn the successful experiences of different countries in fighting corruption; theories that determine the success or failure of a country; capitalism as a dominant political-economic model and its variations; the main challenges of economic transformation and development. They will have the opportunity to compare the experience and implemented reforms of Georgia to those of other countries.


The module is read by Giorgi Khishtovani who is the Associate Professor of Ilia State University, and Research Director of PMCG.


It has been already nine months since the start of the Educational Certification Program in Fighting Corruption which is conducted by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) with the collaboration of Ilia State University.The Program is financially supported by the Open Society Foundations with co-funding from the Open Society Georgia Foundation



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