The Eighth Module of the Educational Certification Program in Fighting Corruption has Launched

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Article 20 July 2020

As part of the Certification Program in Fighting Corruption, the eighth module was launched on 14 July to provide trainees with information on modern whistleblowing and investigative journalism on corruption.


During the eighth module, students will explore the following issues: The essence and significance of the whistleblowing; Scope of whistleblowing; The balance between a public servant's freedom of expression and a commitment to the state; Guarantees of protection of the whistleblower and the individuals who have equal status to him/her; The difference between whistleblowing and information leakage; Protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers; Disclosure of confidential information; The confidentiality of the journalistic source; Rules of journalistic ethics; Restriction of search in the media organization.


The module will be led by Ekaterine Tsimakuridze, one of the founders of the Democracy Index - Georgia. Ekaterine Tsimakuridze tells us about the theoretical and practical knowledge that the participants of the Certification Program in Fighting Corruption will acquire during her training module.


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