Transparency rate of the web page of Tbilisi City Hall

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IDFI conducted the monitoring of transparency rate of the web page of Tbilisi City Hall on March 10, 2011. The total rate amounted to 18.48%. Among other significant problems, the following are worth of noting: There is no written indication that the web page is the official web page of Tbilisi City Hall; the following cannot be found on the web-site of Tbilisi City Hall: “Contacts” section, system structure (structural tree) of City Hall, annual report about activities, statistics, the sections about vacancies and partnership (with local and international organizations); neither is found the register for incoming and outgoing correspondence and the description of competences (rights and obligations) of the Mayor of Tbilisi; his working e-mail, (reception office) telephone and fax numbers;


The process of searching of information on the web page of Tbilisi City Hall is fairly obstructed due to the fact that the search function is found only on the main page of web-site, while the site map cannot be found at all.


For the full report please see the attached presentation

presentation of the monitoring

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