Training on Practical Tips for Digital Security

News | Trainings | Civic Tech and Innovations 17 June 2024

On June 14, 2024, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), in cooperation with Ilia State University, held a training session on "Digital Security and Literacy."


Cyber security specialist and associate professor Andro Gotsiridze led the training. During the session, participants received advice on how to protect the security of their online accounts (e-mail, social networks) and devices (mobile phones, laptops, etc.), what preventive measures they should take to avoid becoming victims of various online frauds and attacks, how to protect personal data, and what means of communication to use for security.


The training was conducted in an interactive format. The participants learned about contemporary digital threats and had the opportunity to raise questions of interest and receive advice from the expert. Through an informative quiz, they tested their digital skills and received information about additional educational resources, enabling them to further improve their digital literacy in the future.

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