Topical Issues of Personal Data Protection - a Collection of Essays

News | Rule of Law and Human Rights | Analysis | Article 22 September 2021

This collection includes essays written by students on current issues of personal data protection. The essay competition was announced on May 14, 2021, in which dozens of students from various higher education institutions participated. The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and the State Inspector's Service revealed the authors of 15 winning essays.


The essays included in the collection address the following topical and significant issues:


- Personal data protection and access to public information;


- Personal data protection in labor relations;


- Personal data protection when using video surveillance;


- Processing of personal data by face recognition systems;


- Processing of personal data by mobile applications;


- Current challenges to data security;


- Processing of personal data by media.


A collection of essays is prepared within the scope of the project "Promoting Personal Data Protection in Georgia." The project is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia. The authors of the essays are fully responsible for the content. The views expressed in this collection may not necessarily reflect the views of the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, and the State Inspector’s Service.



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