Summary of project Georgia 2020 participant Vaja Tavberidze's activities

News | Economics and Social Policy | Publications | Article 9 February 2015

Vaja Tavberidze implemented several activities conducted within the scopes of the project. See materials with his co-authorship or editorship:


1. “Your choice is Europe” – Exclusive interview with EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman
2. Legal Analyze of “Georgia 2020”
3. How to make strategy 2020 Matter – Mark Mullen
4. GE2020 – A BLUEPRINT FOR GEORGIA’S FUTURE – Nugzar Rukhadze
5. What Civil Society has to say about Georgia 2020 (Interview with Goga khishtovani and Davit Maisuradze)
6. 2020: A Prosperity Odyssey
7. From Georgia to Ukraine 2020: Kiev Aims High

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