Summary of participant Temur Ikoshvili’s activities on Georgia 2020

News | Economics and Social Policy | Publications | Article 9 February 2015

See the list of Temur Ikoshvili’s, participant of project on “Georgia 2020”, activities:

1. "Temlog Magazine": “Introduction to “Georgia 2020” - State’s strategy for Social-Economic Development”.
2. Journal “Zeti”: An article about Growth of Green Economics – “Georgia 2020”.
3. "Temlog Magazine": “The most visible banner space – R1 position for project”.
4. Temlog Blog: Interview with the dean of Iliauni Business School about “Georgia 2020”.
5. Social page of Temur Ikoshvili: “Strategy – Georgia 2020”.
6. "Temlog Magazine": Temur Ikoshvili’s essay for IDFI.
7. Animated and informational pictures.
8. Research – “Strategy Georgia 2020”.
9. Ikoshvili assigned Students to do research on unemployment. Totally, 550 person was interviewed.

Articles are shared on “Temlog”, “Zeti”, “Strategy – Georgia 2020”’s official Facebook Pages and through other social networks and groups.

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