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News | Publications | Open Governance and Anti-Corruption | Article 27 May 2016

The annual GPSA Global Partners Forum was launched in 2014 as a great possibility to bring together a unique gathering of those in the social accountability field from around the world. During the event, governments, accountability institutions academics, practitioners and network CSOs, the private sector and donors share their ideas and knowledge; all of them strive to form more informed and accountable environment within their societies.


2016 Global Partners Forum held on May 19-24 (in Washington) covered almost 75 countries, as there were representatives from different local or international NGOs, governments, private sector or academics. The Forum was dedicated to the topic ‘Social Accountability for Development Impact.” The main focus of the meeting was on: Inclusive, transparent and accountable institutions; State-society collaboration for social accountability: from engagement to co-production; learning for Adaptive Management.


Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) was presented in the framework of Open Government Partnership program by Saba Buadze. Buadze, IDFI Good Governance Program Coordinator, delivered his remarks and shared the experience of IDFI on the process of co-creation in the Open Government Partnership. He discussed the ways in which civil society participates in the development of the OGP National Action Plan, its subsequent monitoring, advocacy and awareness raising. The participant of the session noted that Georgia is great example of the constructive co-creation process between the government and the civil society.


Development partners, the private sector and citizens recognize how important are the critical role of citizen voice, transparency and participation in improving governance. Hence, this can create more sustainable development outcomes and contribute to growth and poverty reduction. The forum was a unique opportunity to have a field-wide conversation about the recent trends and challenges, sharing individual successes in order to gain more systematic wins.


The forum had a huge significance. Among the other high-level decision-makers, Jim Yong Kim - President of the World Bank Group, Carl Gershman - President of National Endowment for Democracy and Thomas Carothers from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace were participating in the forum.


The World Bank Group was the main supporter of the aforementioned forum. With the help of workshops and panel discussions, the forum covered different specific issues related to the social accountability.


The forum is an important mean to develop new concepts and ideas in general. Undoubtedly, it was a great possibility for IDFI, as it is actively involved in Open Government Partnership and aims to promote openness and transparency of the government with the help of establishing an informed society and supporting democratic values.


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