Report on Accessibility of Public Information in Georgia

News 31 August 2010

On June 22 Transparency International Georgia has released a report evaluating accessibility of public information in Georgia.

Institute for development of Freedom of Information was one of four volunteer organizations that participated in the Transparency International Georgia project and has sent 52 official requests to release public information to 10 government agencies. 

Institute for Developing of Freedom of Information has sent out 7 official letters requesting the release of various types of public information:

1. Parliament of Georgia – “How many members of the parliament have abolished their mandates in the 2008-2009 period due to the move to positions in the executive branch”

2. Ministry of Finance of Georgia – “A list of procurement tenders carried out by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (divided into the open tenders and the single person bidding process)”

3. Supreme Court of Georgia – “Number of individuals convicted and ordered freed based on the Administrative, Civil and Criminal lawsuits during 2009 administrative year”

4. Ministry of Justice of Georgia –“A list of the anti-corruption commission members”

5. Central Election Commission – “Legislative changes to the Election Code initiated by the Central Election Commission in 2008-2009”

6. Chamber of Control of Georgia – “Details of all cases transferred to the Chief Procurator’s Office. Point out violation of which articles of the Criminal Code were evident on the transferred cases.”

7. Ministry of Defense of Georgia – “What was the amount of bonus paid to the Minister, First Deputy Minister, Head of the Administration and other senior specialists in 2009.”

Only 6 government agencies have replied to the public information requests made by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and timely provided the requested information.

The only government agency that did not react in any way to our request and did not even send a rejection letter was the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

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