Public-Private Dialogue Held on the Private Sector Needs regarding Open Government Data

News | Open Government | Report | Article 28 February 2024

On February 27th, 2024, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and the USAID Economic Governance Program held a public-private dialogue on the private sector needs regarding open government data, within the framework of which authors presented the results of the study prepared on this topic. This study was one of the first analytical works to adapt the methodologies used in EU countries and consider Georgia’s economic indicators in order to assess the size of the direct and indirect open data market in Georgia, as well as to reveal the sectors with high impact and high potential in open data. At the same time, by considering the opinions and needs of private sector representatives, the study identified the databases that are especially important and economically beneficial to be accessible to private companies operating in Georgia.


IDFI’s Executive Director, Giorgi Kldiashvili, and the Deputy Head of the USAID Economic Governance Program, Nino Chokheli, addressed event participants with opening remarks. Giorgi Kldiashvili highlighted the importance of the study and noted that, although in the past the conversations around the necessity of open access to government data in the past focused on their role in the effective monitoring of the government’s activities, the new study also demonstrated the role open government data plays in economic growth and public good. For example, should the country have a comprehensive vision, strategy, legislation, and standards of open data, Georgia has the potential to grow the open data market to 1.4 billion lari by 2030.


During the welcoming speech, Nino Chokheli discussed the priorities of the USAID Economic Governance Program and the importance of the study results in the planning of activities aimed at supporting the private sector within the framework of the program.


Following the opening remarks, the Senior Manager of the Digital Governance and Cybersecurity Strategic Direction of the Digital Governance Agency, Dimitri Gugunava, presented the Agency’s plans with regard to the improvement of legislation and practice of access to open data. IDFI representatives - Local Government / Internet and Innovations Directions Head Teona Turashvili and Head of Research Goga Tushurashvili then presented the results of the study. 


According to the research, the sectors with high potential and influence in terms of using open data in Georgia are:   


1. Financial and insurance activities


2. State governance


3. Information and communication


After presenting the main findings of the study on the economic potential of open government data in Georgia, as well as the results of the research on the attitudes of the private sector regarding open data, specific recommendations were presented, the implementation of which will support data-based innovations in the country and encourage the use of open government data by the private sector, in addition to significantly improving data access legislation and practice.


After the presentation of the study’s results, a discussion was held with the participation of the representatives of the public and private sectors, civil society, and academia, moderated by IDFI’s Programs Director, Levan Avalishvili. Attendees discussed the main challenges in terms of access to open government data and use and the ways to overcome them. Participants highlighted the need for improved coordination and cooperation between private and public sector representatives to allow the country to better utilize the economic potential of open data.


IDFI prepared the study on open government data needs with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Program.


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