Public Authorities of Georgia (Constantine Janjghava)

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Public Authorities of Georgia

Public authorities in most cases have many general characteristic features (management, organization, structure, legislative acts that regulate their activities, tasks and objectives, functions and competencies, state control mechanisms, accountability on targeted use of budget funds, symbolics etc) and what is most important is the condition that all official documents stored in these institutions as well as all correspondence received by the institution connected with the activities of the institution is considered to be public information in accordance with the legislation. And everyone has right to ask for the access to these documentation. Unfortunately, the institutions mentioned in the research do not have one more general characteristic feature – there is no legislative requirement that would oblige the institutions to have their own official web-page; and there is no standard that would define the category of information that would be necessary for publishing on the web-pages of the institutions.

For the detailed research see the attached file:

Monitoring of Informational Resources (Official Web-pages) of Public Authorities of Georgia - Target Objects of Monitoring

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