Open Data Guidebook for Civil Servants

News | Publications | Guidebook | LOCAL GOVERNMENT 4 December 2020

Access to open government data is vital for the improvement of public service delivery and citizen participation in the decision-making process. Open data facilitates the development of civil monitoring mechanisms, improves public well-being, and effective use of state resources.


The guidebook aims to provide civil servants with practical information about data collection, processing, analysis, publication and storage. Their increased qualification in these directions will support public institutions to overcome data management related challenges, and use available resources in the most efficient way.


The guidebook consists of five main parts divided into chapters. The first chapter addresses the importance of open data, followed by a definition of open data, as well as some basic principles, which should be considered when working with open data. Open data format types and characteristics are discussed in the same chapter. The next part deals with practical issues, such as the data management process and major steps from data collection till its publication. Practical tips are given for each of the stages. This chapter is followed by general tips about how to develop an effective data management system.


The last part of the guidebook contains annexes, where you can find more detailed information on the following topics: 


- Best international examples of applications / services developed with the use of open data;

- Legal framework of Public Data in Georgia;

- Data formats and technical features;

- Metadata standards.


The toolkit was developed by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) within the framework of the project “Developing Open Data Practices in the City Halls of Gori, Lagodekhi, Ozurgeti, Senaki, Telavi and Zugdidi Municipalities“, which aims to strengthen good governance in Gori, Lagodekhi, Ozurgeti, Senaki, Telavi and Zugdidi Municipalities through improving their understanding on the open data policy. The project is financially supported by the USAID Good Governance Initiative (GGI) in Georgia (USAID GGI).



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