Monitoring of web-page of Training Center of Justice

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Monitoring of web-page of  Legal Entity of Public Law – Training Center of Justice of Georgia

On November 18, 2011IDFI expert team has conducted information transparency and e-Governance (e- Accessibility and technical operability) monitoring of official web page of Legal Entity of Public Law – Training Center of Justice of Georgia (www. within the framework of the project “Monitoring of Information (Internet) Resources of Public Authorities of Georgia“.

According to assessment parameters Legal Entity of Public Law  -  Training Center of Justice of Georgia web-page amounted:

Information transparency rating: 8.43%

E- accessibility and technical operability rating: 39.48%

Total rating of web-page: 23.95%

The statistics,problems revealed and corresponding recommendations are given in the below attached file:

 Monitoring of web-page of  Training Center of Justice 2011

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