IDFI Statement on the Agreement of the Political Parties

Statements 19 April 2021

On April 18, the proposal document submitted to the political parties by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, was published. The ultimate goal of the document is to end the current political crisis in Georgia.


According to the Constitution of Georgia, the Parliament determines the both, domestic and foreign policies of the country. It is the Parliament that bears the constitutional burden of the democratic development of the state. Carrying this burden without the active involvement of opposition parties is inconceivable. Unfortunately, Georgia has not been able to resolve the post-election political crisis for almost 6 months. At the same time, the state faces many domestic and foreign challenges, as well as threats from the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day of the political crisis substantially harms the people of Georgia and the democratic development of the state.


Georgia's international partners have made precedent-setting efforts to break Georgia's political stalemate. Charles Michel’s proposal document is the result of a dialogue with opposing political forces, and it is a diplomatic solution to end the crisis. Naturally, many may object to the content of the document, however, political agreements are hardly imaginable to be reached without compromise.


The willingness of the ruling party and respective opposition parties to sign the proposed document must be acknowledged.


We call on all political forces to make a decision tailored to the interests of the state and to immediately sign the document proposed by Charles Michel.


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