IDFI Responds to the Fact that Telara Gelantia was not Admitted to the Government's Session for the Second Time

Statements | | MEDIA AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION 29 September 2022

On 26th of September, 2022, Telara Gelantia was not allowed to attend Government’s session one again, although, according to the journalist, on 12th of September she received a verbal promise from the Government’s representative that they would ensure her admission to the next session.


To remind you, on 12th of September, 2022, Telara Gelantia was restricted from attending the Government’s session, asking questions of a public interest and carrying out her professional duty.


„Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” (IDFI) provides legal support to Telara Gelantia in the case of establishing possible discriminatory act against her by the Administration of the Government of Georgia. On 15th of September, 2022, the journalist, represented by IDFI, applied to the Public Defender of Georgia.


The Public Defender of Georgia published the statement regarding the facts of 12th and 26th September. The Public Defender emphasized special role of the media to disseminate information of public interest and responded to a trend of not allowing media representatives to briefings or other activities organized by the state agencies. Public Defender considered that such practice contradicts the principle of equality.


“The trend of not allowing and/or not inviting representatives of critical media to briefings or municipal events organized by certain state agencies has been repeatedly observed, which the Public Defender assesses as a practice that contradicts the principle of equality.” – the statement says. 


The Public Defender called on the authorities to ensure uninterrupted access to information for media representatives, including, in compliance with the principle of equality.


The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics and Media Advocacy Coalition also published statements with the request to ensure journalist’s unhindered admission to the next sessions of the Government.


The fact that Telara gelantia was not admitted to the Government’s session for the second time clearly confirms our position that the journalist was a subject of discriminatory treatment. IDFI once again calls on the Administration of the Government of Georgia to allow Telara Gelantia to cover Government’s sessions and to eliminate unequal treatment against the journalist.

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