IDFI and the National Cyber Security Association signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

News | Memorandums | INTERNET AND INNOVATIONS 3 February 2022

Participating in the process of strengthening information security and developing cyber culture at the national level is one of the priority directions of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). With this priority in mind, on November 18, 2021, the Institute signed a memorandum of Cooperation with the National Cyber ​​Security Association. The National Cyber ​​Security Association is a Georgian non-profit organization implementing various vital activities to strengthen cybersecurity and raise cybersecurity awareness in Georgia.


The Parties have agreed to maintain close, long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation that will lead to enhancing the information society's resilience in terms of cybersecurity and response to cyber incidents, contributing to raising awareness regarding digital transformation, digital governance, reliable and efficient public services, and personal data protection.


Apart from the main strategic objectives, the Parties have agreed to undertake the following initiatives:


1. Implementing cybersecurity and digital governance awareness campaigns and individual activities

2. Facilitating the formation of cyber culture of the information society

3. Organizing events that will lead to improved access, delivery, and dissemination of e-services.

Within the framework of these directions, the organizations plan to jointly execute information meetings, study programs, and trainings on cybersecurity and digital governance, for the purposes of which they also express readiness to pool human and financial resources.


During the cooperation, particular attention will be paid to the analysis of the legal environment pertaining to the above areas. To this purpose, the signatory organizations plan to study and discuss EU regulations and directives on cybersecurity and digital governance, as well as examples of best practices across the world.


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