IDFI and GYLA joint statement on development of PAR policy documents

Statements | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Open Government 3 December 2020


As 2019-2020 Public Administration Reform (PAR) Action Plan and the Roadmap are expiring, the Government Administration has started working on elaboration of the new PAR Strategy and Action Plan. The process has begun with the involvement of civil society representatives. IDFI and GYLA welcome the inclusion of civil society in the process and at the same time highlight the importance of elimination of the shortcomings identified in connection of the previous strategic documents.


Last year, IDFI and GYLA conducted alternative monitoring of PAR implementation and detected number of factors impeding the successful implementation of the PAR reform. Some of the main challenges identified are lack of ambitiousness of the action plan, improperly designed objectives and indicators, inexistence of necessary interim targets, poorly identified risks, etc.


IDFI and GYLA call for the Government Administration to take into account the challenges identified and recommendations issued in the alternative monitoring report of the PAR Action Plan implementation, specifically to:


1. Ensure the compliance of the PAR Roadmap/Strategy and the Action Plan with each other;


2. Define ambitious/significant commitments for the Action Plan;


3. Include SMART objectives and indicators in the Action Plan;


4. Define indicators necessary for the actual implementation of objectives;


5. Define interim targets along with basic and final ones, in order to simplify monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan;


6. Consider activities necessary for the implementation of objectives and set realistic deadlines for their implementation;


7. When defining activities, accurately assess required resources in order to avoid the delay in activity implementation for the future;


8. Avoid duplication of commitments and activities in various policy documents;


9. Precision of training module indicators by defining concrete target audience.

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