IDFI's Report on Secret Surveillance in Georgia: 2015 – 2016 - Media Coverage

News | IDFI in Media 10 April 2016

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) published a report on April 7 that reviewed the latest events related to the regulation of secret surveillance in Georgia. These events include the recently released recordings, first results of the so-called two-key system, revival of the This Affects You campaign and the role of the Personal Data Protection Inspector.


The television company Imedi dedicated several reports of its main news program to the topic. In an interview with Imedi journalists, IDFI director Giorgi Kldiashvili stated that, “despite high public interest, there has not been sufficient progress. On the contrary, we see that the secret recordings have found their way abroad and are being released online through foreign websites.”

Giorgi Kldiashvili was also featured on Rustavi 2’s news program, where he highlighted the importance of regulating surveillance and mentioned specific mechanisms that could be used to solve this problem in Georgia.

IDFI’s report was picked up by the print media as well. Newspaper Alia briefly outlined the report and summarized IDFI’s main messages.

Radio broadcasters Pirveli Radio, Maestro, Radio Kalaki and Voice of Abkhazia also reported on the report on secret surveillance.
Giorgi Kldiashvili spoke at length about the report with Radio Komersanti. He noted that this was the second report on the topic prepared by IDFI. Kldiashvili pointed to the ineffectiveness of Georgian law enforcement agencies and their failure to investigate the violations.

The news program of the Georgian Public Broadcaster interviewed IDFI board chairman Levan Avalishvili on the topic. Avalisvili talked about the ongoing investigation, which has been unable to provide answers to many existing questions. The story was reported by the television company Maestro as well.

Other news outlets that covered IDFI’s report on secret surveillance include:,, and

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