IDFI has submitted to the Parliament of Georgia repeatedly an official request on public information

News 27 January 2011

IDFI requested from the Parliament the list of the members of Parliament and information pertaining wages and bonuses of the members of Parliament according their positions (Chairman of the Parliament, Deputy Chairmen,Chairmen of committee and Deputy Chairmen of committee and other members of Parliament) apart, paid from the budget during 2010 calendar year monthly.


As a response IDFI received refusal, with reference to the Constitution of Georgia chapter 41 point 2, that, personal data concerning information on financial and health issues may not be accessible for anyone without the consent of the person to whom it belongs and therefore Information concerning incomes of Chairman of Parliament and of the members of the Parliament shall not be accessible.


In the letter of Parliament is also indicated, that the information pertaining incomes of the members of parliament  can be found  under the asset declarations.


According to the Administrative Code of Georgia chapter 44 point I, personal data of an official is accessible for anyone. Therefore  the information about members of the Parliament is accessible without the consent of the person.


Submission date: 18/01/2011

Receipt date: no later than: 01/02/2011

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