Media Coverage of April 9 Confidential Documents Published by IDFI

News | IDFI in Media 11 April 2016

27 years after the April 9 tragedy, IDFI published intelligence documents previously held in the United States archives. These documents include analytical reports on the events of April 1989 in Georgia prepared by relevant US state agencies.

IDFI was able to get hold of these documents with the help of a partner CSO - the National Security Archive at George Washington University, which was kind enough to request the documents from US state archives, where they were kept for years as classified information.

IDFI’s documents were featured in a dedicated segment of Imedi TV’s program Imedis Dro. The segment tells how the US observed the developments in Georgia through its consulate in Russia. In an interview with Imedi TV, Giorgi Kldiashvili stated that a part of the documents are still classified, but most of them are available to the public. The segment also featured an interview with Levan Avalishvili, who commented on US foreign policy towards Georgia at the time and said that it was largely based on information provided by Russian sources.

The April 9 documents were also reported on by Adjara TV and First Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster. Levan Avalishvili made the same comment regarding the unreliability of sources used by US state agencies. The segments reported all of the key points identified by IDFI, including Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s hope that the UN would get involved in the investigation of the events of April 1989.

Kavkasia TV paid special attention to a number of important issues, including the validity of information obtained from Soviet sources and Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s assessments of the April 9 event. On its news program Radio Voice of Abkhazia briefly reviewed the story.

IDFI’s documents on April 9 were also reported on by the following news agencies:

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