Global AI Advocacy in Georgia

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Project Title: Global AI Advocacy in Georgia
Donor Organization: Global Partners Digital
Total Budget: 2,750 EUR
Duration of the Project: April 25 - November 28, 2022


Project Summary


The project aims to promote a human rights approach to artificial intelligence by shaping the outcomes of relevant national and international debates.


The major activity of the project is updating and implementing the global advocacy strategy.


The project deliverable include:


I. Global AI Advocacy Strategy:


 - Review and update the global advocacy strategy that was developed in the first phase of the project.


 - Identify which forum(s) and/or process(es) civil society input would have the biggest impact and provide a clear and strategic plan for engagement in one or more of these processes.


II. Implementation of Global  AI Advocacy Strategy:


 - On the basis of the updated global advocacy strategy, engage in the designated forums and/or processes and implement the activities outlined in the strategy;


 - Engagement may include, but is not limited to: participation in consultations with civil society; develop analysis, joint statements, and/or responses to relevant policy outcomes and texts adopted by relevant policy forums; or engagement in direct advocacy with relevant policy makers.



Activities Carried Out Withing the Project