Georgia’s Ranking in the Rule of Law Index 2021

News | Rule of Law and Human Rights | Pressing Issues | Analysis 20 October 2021

The purpose of IDFI’s following publication is to review the indicators of the Rule of Law Index in Georgia as of 2021, while comparing them to the previous years, to identify existing challenges, and to reveal underlying tendencies.


Key Findings


- According to the global Rule of Law Index of 2021, the overall score of the state of the rule of law in Georgia is 0.61 (maximum score 1). With this score, the rating of Georgia has increased by 0.01 point compared to the previous year. 


- As of 2021, Georgia is in 49th place among 139 countries assessed in the index and first place among 14 countries in the regional ranking. 


- Among the criteria assessed by the Rule of Law Index, Georgia scored the highest - 0.79 points in the component of Order and Security, and the lowest - 0.53 points in the criterion of Criminal Justice.


- Georgia scored 0.68 points in the component of Absence of Corruption in 2021, with a similar number as in 2020. Between 2012 and 2021, Georgia showed the lowest scores in 2020 and 2021.


- Georgia scored 0.63 points in the Criteria of Fundamental Rights in 2021, increasing by 0.02 points compared to 2020.


- As for the state of the Fundamental Rights in Georgia, the right to privacy scored the lowest evaluation, while the right to life and security scored the highest.


- The state of Open Government was assessed by 0,59 points in 2021, which is 0.02 points higher than in the previous year.


- Among the Open Government indicators, Georgia scored the highest in the direction of freedom of information and civic engagement. These figures have improved slightly compared to 2020. 


- In 2021, Regulatory Enforcement in Georgia was scored by 0.56 points, decreasing by 0.01 points compared to the previous year.


- As for the Constraints on Government Powers in 2021, Georgia scored 0.54 points, which is 0.01 points less than in 2020.


- In 2021, Georgia received 0.54 points in the civil justice criterion, which is 0.01 points higher than in the previous year.


- Among the indicators of Civil Justice, the unreasonable delays in the process of adjudication and freedom from improper government influence remain problematic areas, receiving the lowest scores.


- In 2021, Georgia scored 0.53 points in the criterion of Criminal Justice, increasing by 0.01 points compared to 2020. 


- Among the indicators of Criminal Justice, the most problematic direction in Georgia is freedom from improper government influence, which scored the lowest at 0.28 points. However, the absence of corruption was evaluated with the highest score at 0.73 points.


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