e-Transparency of court system of Georgia

News 25 October 2012



The project “Improving the Accountability and Transparency of the Georgian Courts“ has been implemented within the framework of the program of Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) “Civic Initiative for an Independent Judiciary”, which has been financed by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through East-West Management Institute (EWMI).  

Within the framework of the research official web-pages of the 16 courts of Georgian court system have been monitored, the level of their informational transparency and technical operability has been assessed.

Trends and Problems Revealed after Monitoring

Out of 41 organs of Georgian Judiciary, only 16 have web-pages. The research has shown, that according to e-transparency, the most of the web-pages of Georgian Judiciary are less informative for the user. As for the index of technical operability, they absolutely do not correspond to the modern web-standards.

The most informationally nontransparent and technically inoperative are the web-pages of City and District Courts. The Supreme Court of Georgia has shown the highest result.

At the same time, it has been confirmed, that the financial information of the courts is least presented and accessible on the web-pages.

With the goal of solving the revealed problems and informative and technical improvement of the web-pages, the consultations have been held with law specialists, a comparative analysis of Georgia and 11 foreign countries has been made and, considering the international practice, the standard for public information to be proactively published on the web-sites of Georgian courts has been identified.

The electronic module of court statistics has been created – categorization and visualization of significant statistical and dynamic information held in the system has been made, which makes large volumes of information quite easily perceived and makes it easier for the user to compare the data. The mentioned electronic module of court statistics is available for the user on the web-pages of Supreme Court of Georgia www.supremecourt.ge and Institute for Development of Freedom of Information www.idfi.ge

 Study – e-Transparency of Court Systems 2012

 Study – e-Transparency of Court Systems 2012

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