Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia Expresses its Deep Gratitude Towards European Union for Providing Visa-free Travel for Georgia

Statements 2 February 2017

Today European Union once again recognized the historical aspiration of Georgian people to be part of Europe and reached an agreement on visa liberalization for Georgia. Soon, citizens of Georgia will be able to travel through Europe without visas. The Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia extends special gratitude to the European family and supports this decision.


The European Union confirmed today that Georgia has fully met the conditions that had been set for the visa liberalization. Georgia has therefore demonstrated to Europe and to the whole world its ability to implement reforms, especially when the country’s strategic interests are at stake.


This decision marks another step on Georgia’s path towards the EU integration. The agreement gives visa-free travel opportunity not only to Georgia, as a country, but to each citizen of Georgia, including those who live in the occupied territories. This will promote deep cultural and personal connections between the peoples of Georgia and the European Union, while also serving as a stimulus for tourism and for stronger economic ties.


Although visa liberalization is one of the most significant stages for Georgia on the way towards EU integration, our country should not be satisfied with this success. The government of Georgia should continue implementing democratic reforms and must begin discussing the prospects for Georgia’s accession to the European Union.


Today’s event is the result of the consistent and selfless work carried out by every worthy citizen, public service member and politician throughout the history of independent Georgia. In the past, Georgia has succeeded whenever society was united in its attempts to achieve the common goals and this remains true today. The people of Georgia have proven their devotion to the country’s historical Euro-Atlantic choice and Western values on more than one occasions and this will guarantee our country’s return to the European family in the future.


The 23-member “Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia” aims to facilitate  Georgia’s full-fledged integration in Euro-Atlantic structures.


The members of the Coalition are the following organisations:


Transparency International Georgia


Civil Development Agency


International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy


Open Society Georgia Foundation


Georgian Reforms Associates


Atlantic Council of Georgia


Georgian Farmers Association


Institute for Development of Freedom of Information


The Economic Policy Research Center


Green Alternative


Georgian Center for Security and Development


Media Development Foundation


UN Association of Georgia


Society and Banks


Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies


Georgian Democracy Initiative


Georgian Institute of Politics


Regional Centre for Strategic Studies


In Depth Reporting and Advocacy Center


Voice from Georgia


Liberal Academy Tbilisi


Union Safari


World Experience for Georgia

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