The Coalition Calls for Action against Violation of Journalist Rights

Statements 23 May 2016



The Coalition for Media Advocacy calls on law enforcement agencies in Zugdidi to conduct the investigation of the physical confrontation at the Kortskheli polling station and hold perpetrators responsible under Article 154 of the Criminal Code (interference with journalistic activity) as well.

The coalition expresses its concern regarding the violence, attempts to interfere with the journalists’ work and threats made in their direction.

According to reported information, journalists from the following media organizations were interfered with and/or physically abused: Odishi (local TV company), LIVEPRESS, Ipress, Georgian Public Broadcaster and Rustavi 2.


The response to Kortskheli incident will have an impact on the 2016 pre-election environment and affect the election process itself, including the work environment for the media. The delayed and inadequate response from law enforcement agencies is a significant cause for concern.

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