Access to Public Information In Georgia

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Access to Public Information In Georgia

The present work represents the research conducted by the “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” within the framework of the project named “Public Information Database”, which refers to the public information accessibility in Georgia. The bulletin comprises statistical analysis of public information officially requested and received within the borders of the project from public authorities in Georgia.


The informational bulletin is divided into three parts. The first part consists of the short description of the project named “Public Information Database’, the objectives of the project and ways of its implementation. The second part covers the legislative acts of Georgia regulating issues concerning freedom of information, the definition of public information, determination of the personal data of a party concerned according to Georgian legislation and which information shall be deemed as state, commercial and private secret. In the aforementioned part it is also given the approach and general tendencies of public agencies concerning provision of accessibility to public information, terms of provision of requested public information and index of general provision of information in Georgia. The explanations and approach of public authorities concerning the publicity of public servant’s employment salary, premiums and travelling allowances are of special importance. The third part of the publication gives more detailed analysis of the results revealed and the practice established within the six-month period of the project, statistical data on information request applications sent and corresponding replies received according to particular public authorities, information on the most transparent and the most opaque public agencies and which were the authorities that left completely unanswered the requests submitted by IDFI.

For the detailed research see the attached file:

Access to Public Information In Georgia - Information Bulletin №2

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