2013 Data received from Shida-Kartli Region

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Institute of Freedom of Information keeps providing the public information recevied from different public institutions of Georgia that is now available on www.opendata.ge

Here you can see the information received from Shida Kartli administrative bodies. In 2013, the total amount of bonuses given to the Head and deputy Heads of the Municipal Board amounted 145 607.5 GEL while the total amount of bonuses given to the Head of the Municipal Council and Deputy Heads amounted 119 537.5 GEL.

  • According to the received information from Kareli self-governmental bodies, in 2013 the head of Kareli Municipal council- Paata Ghviniashvili received 45 050 GEL bonuses while the deputy head– Soso Sazandashvili received 28 550 GEL. The total amount of bonuses given to the head and deputy heads of Kareli Municipal Board amounted 68 450 GEL.
  • The Head and Deputy Head of Gori Municipal Board received 11 125 GEL bonuses. The Head of Gori Municipal Council – Davit Razmadze received bonuses of 3 975 GEL while the Deputy Head received 5 150 GEL.
  • The Head and three deputy Heads of Kaspi Municipal Board received 33 920 GEL altogether. The head of Kaspi Municipal Council –Davit Mesrofashvili received 5 300 GEL and the Deputy Head – Giorgi Gogolauri received 10 850 GEL.
  • The head and three deputy heads of Khashuri Municipal Board received 32 112.5 GEL. The Head of Khashuri Municipal Council - Davit Lomidze received 12 587.5 GEL while the Deputy Head –Giorgi Cxadashvili received 8 075 GEL.

In 2013, 2 623 915.36 GEL was spent on urgent procurements carried out by Shida Kartli self- governmental authorities. The largest amount of money spent on urgent procurements was allocated by Gori Municipal Board (1 518 469 GEL) while the smallest amount of money was spent by Khashuri Municipal Board (34 599.25). In 2013, 28 376.59 GEL was spent on Representation Expenses by Shida Kartli administrative bodies.


Gori Municipality spent 22 129, 29 GEL on representation expenses. The largest amount of money was spent for “Gori days” holiday (11 889.5 GEL). 5 325 GEL was spent from the side of the Municipal Council while 6 564, 50 GEL was spent from the side of the Municipal Board.

  • Khashuri Municipality spent 4 357.3 GEL on representation expenses out of these, the largest amount of money 519 GEL was spent for hosting the representatives of Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia.
  • Representation expenses carried out by Kareli Municipality amounted 1 890 GEL without indication of precise details of particular events.
  •  Kaspi Municipality did not execute representation expenses in 2013.

The following data represents the vehicle fleet on the balance of Shida Kartli Municipality according to received information by the time of April, 2014.


  •  Gori Municipality has 10 cars on it balance with total residual value 237 751.61 GEL, including “Toyota Land Cruiser” purchased for 133 389 GEL in 2012.
  •  Kareli Municipality has 21 cars on its balance with residual value of 503 826.1 GEL. The head of Kareli Municipal Council owned “Hyundai Santa Fe” purchased for 59 484 GEL in 2012.
  •  Kaspi Municipality has 12 cars on its balance with residual value of 172 999 GEL. The head of Municipal Board has “Toyota Land Cruiser” with residual value 33 831 66 GEL (purchased for 70 479 66 GEL, issued in 2008). The head of Municipal Council has “Hyundai Santa Fe” with residual value of 13 195 GEL(purchased for 37 700 GEL issued in 2009)
  •  Khashuri Municipality has 34 cars on its balance with residual value of 855 405.5 GEL. The head of Munuicipal Board has “Toyota Prado” with residual value of 30 801 GEL. (purchased for 64 168 GEL in 2008)

The abovementioned information is the part of much bigger data received to IDFI from Shida Kartli Region you can get familiar with on www.opendata.ge

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